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We’re excited to meet you!

This referral process will get you set up in our private Facebook community and invited to our private events.

Your application has three parts:
  • an OH! Member’s referral
  • about 10 minutes of orientation material for you
  • your short written application
Once we’ve received your referral and your application, we will review your application and be in touch!

How referrals work:

The vast majority of our members are referrals from existing members — people they know and trust in an intimate setting and want to introduce to our community.

To complete this step, ask your referral to add you to the Facebook group. We’ll see you in the Facebook queue, and know you’re vouched for! 

If you don’t know someone in OH, or they aren’t in the Facebook group, just note that in your application. Please understand that for the safety and security of our members, we may not be able to invite you into the group without a referral.

What to do once you have a referral:

Click the button below to review our consent culture and our house rules.

If you have any questions or want to dive into this information with us, let us know — we’re all nerds about this stuff, and we’d love to chat!
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