If you are interested in our private events, please request an invitation!

Welcome! If you have been referred to Organ House by an existing member and are interested attending one of our private event, please fill out this application. Information is provided solely to the organizers. We take your privacy extremely seriously and would never share this information.

Hi! What’s your first name?*

Each individual applying must fill out their own application; joint applications will not be evaluated.

What’s your last name?*

Please provide your full legal name, not just a first name or pseudonym. We will not be able to evaluate your application without a full legal name.

Do you have a preferred name?*

A nickname you prefer we use when addressing you?

What’s your age?*

Persons over 45 must be accompanied by a millennial. 😉

First Reference*

We only invite new members who are well known by the greater community and whom we know to be safe additions to our events. References are checked, and existing members should know their referrals well, trust referrals in an intimate setting, and be willing to stake their reputation on their referral’s behavior. Please provide a reference who is currently a member of The Organ House. Alternatively, if you found out about us through a Facebook group or at an event, please let us know which one:

Second Reference

Please provide a second reference who is currently a member of The Organ House. It’s okay if you don’t have a second reference, but we prioritize applications that do.

I identify as…*

There’s no wrong answer! Tell us as much, or as little, about your gender identity, relationship type or kink affiliation as you’d like!

Have you been to any parties like ours before?*
What experience are you hoping to find?*
With whom are you planning on attending?*

New attendees must attend with a Partner. Your Partner may be the person who referred you, a date, or just a friend, and may be any gender.

Please provide links to you & your partners’ Facebook profiles*

We ask for Facebook because this keeps people honest and accountable for their actions. If you don’t have a Facebook profile at all, please provide another social media link.

What is a phone number where we can reach you?*

We will text you at this number with information about your application status. Don’t worry; our texts are safe for work and home.

Are you eligible for our Industry Discount?

Do you help normalize and de-stigmatize sex on a day-to-day basis? We reward our friends on the front lines! Rape crisis counsellors, sex educators, etc. are eligible for our Industry Discount.

Have any questions?
Feel free to email us questions!