Sex, consent, & open relationships

from the hosts of San Francisco’s best sex party.

A comprehensive guide to your first play party

As we at Organ House gear up to start publishing more frequently, I wanted to update and expand on our awesome So, you’re going to a sex party: a primer for noobs. I’ve been an OH!member for a few years now, and have attended other play events as well. I’m also a writer. My day […]
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Introducing: CARE Culture

Consent Culture provides the minimum rules of engagement, CARE Culture goes a step beyond by fostering an environment of compassion, humility, courage, and growth. As we walk down this untouched path together, we don’t have a roadmap; however, our values provide the guideposts for our journey. Our culture of CARE is based on the following core values: Community, Autonomy, Responsibility, and Exploration.
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Pod People: OH! Podcast Recommendations

All our favorite non-monogamy and sex podcasts in one place!   Polyamory Weekly with Cunning Minx and LustyGuy “Tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view. For the full PW blog, visit”   Multiamory with Dedeker Winston, Emily Matlack, and Jase Lindgren “Conventional relationship advice is toxic and […]
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Asking for play: Motivations

While there is not one “right” way to approach potential sexual intimacy, there are some overarching strategies that can help to guide you on your journey. From figuring out exactly what it is you want, to changing your perception on ‘rejection’, we hope that you’ll find tools here that resonate with you.
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Ellis and Kate take an excited selfie in the Buzzfeed video studio

OH! What?!? We’re on Buzzfeed!

“Women are just as horny as men. And if you provide a safe environment for them to feel like they won’t be slut-shamed and they can express their sexuality freely, it turns out that… a lot of women that are interested in being in that environment."
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