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How to *actually* throw a sex party

If you were intrigued by Vice’s recent article “How to have a sex party” but still left wondering how to *actually* throw a sex party, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!
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Ellis and Kate take an excited selfie in the Buzzfeed video studio

OH! What?!? We’re on Buzzfeed!

“Women are just as horny as men. And if you provide a safe environment for them to feel like they won’t be slut-shamed and they can express their sexuality freely, it turns out that… a lot of women that are interested in being in that environment."
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So, you’re going to a sex party: a primer for noobs

You’ve read about it in magazines. You’ve found a hookup and finally gotten an invite. But what things do experienced orgy-goers know that you don’t? Here are some pointers to help you feel comfortable & confident at your first sex party.
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