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Introducing: CARE Culture

Consent Culture provides the minimum rules of engagement, CARE Culture goes a step beyond by fostering an environment of compassion, humility, courage, and growth. As we walk down this untouched path together, we don’t have a roadmap; however, our values provide the guideposts for our journey. Our culture of CARE is based on the following core values: Community, Autonomy, Responsibility, and Exploration.
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Some Quick Thoughts on Non-Monogamy

A friend recently asked me to point them to some things I’ve written about non-monogamy and I came up surprisingly empty-handed, for as much as I tweet and post and think and talk about it. And do it. This will by no means be comprehensive or satisfying (like me in bed, oh!). But I want […]
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Pod People: OH! Podcast Recommendations

All our favorite non-monogamy and sex podcasts in one place!   Polyamory Weekly with Cunning Minx and LustyGuy “Tales from the front of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view. For the full PW blog, visit”   Multiamory with Dedeker Winston, Emily Matlack, and Jase Lindgren “Conventional relationship advice is toxic and […]
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