We update these Community Resources regularly because the health & happiness of our community is our top priority.

STD testing locations

A list of community-approved places where you can be tested for STDs & STIs. We've found these places to be friendly to non-monogamists and sex workers.
How to tell your partner(s) you have an STD
Everything is going to be okay. Here is a great resource for how to structure that conversation, including scripts to follow. You can also inform partners anonymously.
Poly Happy Hour
Poly Happy Hour is a Bay area evening of friend-making and mingling for the non-monogamous and the people who love us. Meet some like-minded humans or come poly-curious to learn more about our love-infused lives.

NOTE: This group is public and could appear on your public Facebook profile.
SFBay Polyamory Events calendar
Public calendar of poly-focused events around the bay. These are mostly non-play events such as mixers, discussion groups, and support groups.
Bay area community BDSM events calendar
Public calendar of kink-friendly events around the bay. There are many events listed for every day!
3 people sit at a table
Struggling to find the words to mend a damaged relationship? We highly recommend mediation, and have had great success working with Clearing Conversations.
Pussypedia is a free, bilingual encyclopedia that aims to address the lack of quality, accessible information about our bodies on the internet.
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