We’re proud of our strong Consent Culture, which keeps our community safe and happy.

Don’t be afraid to say “no.”

  • It’s not rude; in fact, it’s respectful to be clear and honest!
  • Practice saying “No, thank you” out loud. If find yourself caught off-guard by a request and are not sure what to say, arm yourself with that response.
  • If you hear “no,” don’t ask multiple times, or ask for an explanation.
  • Be respectful when saying “no;” be respectful when hearing “no.”

Do not touch anyone without their explicit consent.

  • Everyone is in complete control of when, where, and if they are touched.
  • Even if you are just touching someone on the shoulder to get their attention, try to get their attention verbally first.
  • This sounds pedantic, but our events are often a heightened sensory experience, and even a touch on the shoulder can feel more aggressive or intimate than intended.
  • Even if someone said yes last time, don't assume. You should explicitly ask for their consent again before touching this time.


  • If you cannot give or perceive consent, it’s too much.
  • If the hosts think you’ve reached this point, we will pull you aside quietly and ask you to leave. You’re not in trouble, we’re keeping you safe.
  • Everyone can have a little too much on accident. However, if this becomes a regular problem, you might not be invited back.
  • All events are BYOB. We never provide alcohol.

No phones, no photographs.

  • Phone and cameras must be completely out of sight in play spaces.
  • We do not separate you from your phone, we just ask that you keep it out of sight.
  • If you need to use your phone, please use a designated non-play space.
  • The only exception is the hosts and occasionally volunteers. We will have our phones with us for safety and communication.

STDs / STIs.

  • You MUST know your status before attending our private events. “Knowing your status” means being tested regularly and responsibly, not making assumptions.
  • We keep an updated list of poly and kink-friendly testing locations in the Bay Area.
  • If you have an STD or STI, you must disclose this to play partners before they take a risk they are unaware of. If you are not sure what to say, read this post.. That covers how to tell a partner you have an STD or STI, which questions to anticipate, and how to anonymously inform partners whom you may be afraid to tell.
  • No one will judge you here. You are among people who understand. But please keep us safe.

New Attendees.

  • If you are attending your first party, you must arrive by 10pm, and you should be accompanied by a friend or date. All guests must have a ticket.
  • All guests must have been approved by an Organ House host prior to their first event.
  • You must to 21 or older to attend our events.
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