8-Bits of Grey


If you're like us, your sexual awakening happened not when a manipulative WASP showed off his Red Room of Pain, but when you realized that Peach was really on to something as she kept going back to Bowser's Castle.
  • Yeah, that Chain Chomp stings so good. 
Join OH! this Valentine's Weekend for a celebration of all things 8 bit; explore your kinky side or show us your Tetris skills and see how high the orgy pile can get!

No Microtransactions!

Like every OH party, you'll need a ticket. But we do not charge for extra skins, new outfits or special toys - you get to bring your own!


BYO Elixirs, Heart Potions, Mana Vials and Power Mushrooms


If you have a new player that you'd like to add to the game, please have them request an invitation. 8Bits of Grey is referral only. You should know your referrals well, trust them in an intimate setting, and plan on attending with them.

Consent Culture

Read the manual before you start to play! Everyone is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.