Outside, the world’s so dreary
You look like you need a break!
You’ll be several kinds of bleary
But that’s tomorrow’s big headache!
Look here at the world around you
Right here in the Organ House!
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?

Under the sea! 
OH! Under the sea! 
Darlings here’s better
‘Cause down here it's wetter
Take it from me
Play till the sun comes out today
Until we pack this all away

While we be banging
Chatting and hanging,
Under the sea!  
  • Rumors of a sunken ship beneath the East Bay Community Space, long considered foolish given the geography of the area, have recently re-surfaced! Our first clue was the beach that’s now in the front room...and a sound of rattle chains from the grotto in the back… 
Join us as we explore the reefs, attols and depths of the Oakland Ocean, under the sea.


As always, there’s no dress code for Organ House — wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable and sexy. For this party, we expect that we’ll see some beach wear, Disney princesses and maybe a pirate or two.


BYOB! We’ll have a bar and mixers and ice — bring what you want to (responsibly) consume beyond that, and we’ll help you put a little umbrella in it.


Send new seamen to You should know your referrals well, trust them in an intimate setting, and plan to attend their first event with them. 

Consent culture

Everyone who wants to cast their net with us is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.