While the weak are reveling in these long midsummer days of abundance and warmth, the powerful prepare for the great war of ice and fire. The summer solstice has set, and winter is coming. It is time, once again, to embark upon the Game of Moans.

The hosts of the House of Organ, Best at Their Game, Rulers of Consent and of Kinky Men, Givers of Fucks, and Protectors of Chairman Meow…

…invite you to join us in the Eastern Kingdoms, where pain brings pleasure, yas queens are born of fire*, and power yields to no one. Who will sit upon the Iron Sybian?

(* No actual fire permitted.)

Location & Date

Saturday, July 1 2017
Oakland, CA


If you’d like to enjoy some Dornish wine or ale, remember to bring your own! Our loyal volunteer tavern keepers will keep a close watch out for Faceless men.


To invite a guest who is not already a member, please have them request an invitation. You should know your guests well, trust them in an intimate setting, and stake your life on their loyalty to The God of Tits and Wine.


House Organ maesters have burned much midnight oil codifying our rules of engagement. All guests are expected to bend the knee and swear fealty to our consent culture, or be banished beyond the wall.