The battles have been fought, the ships have sailed, and someone has at long last claimed victory in Westeros. It seems like the saga has finally come to a close… but there is one last prophecy to fulfill. Ladies and lords, knights and squires, dragons and direwolves, Sands and Snows… The House of Organ presents to you Game of Moans III: The Climax.
Tonight, Ours is the Orgy. Let us we remind you that We Do Not Sow (without enthusiastic consent!) and that Our Blades Are Sharp (the better for serving cheese with!). We hope you’ll feel the Fire and Blood flowing deeply through you… and may even discover that something is Growing Strong down in your pants. We hope you’ll leave Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken… unless that’s what you’re into!
As the Seven Kingdoms reach the end of an era, come join House Organ as we laugh, cry, and fuck our feelings out together. Find out who, at the end of the long night, sits upon the Iron Sybian.
Because Winter is Coming... but it’s not the only one!


As always, there’s no dress code for Organ House—wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable and sexy. For this party, we encourage you to come as your favorite (or most despised) Westerosi!


Our barkeeps will provide mixers and ice—bring what you want to (responsibly) consume beyond that.


Send new recruits to You should know your referrals well, trust them in an intimate setting, and plan to attend their first event with them. 

Consent culture

Everyone who wants to cross swords with us is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.