the Organ House presents:

Girlgy: Enchanted Forest


There’s a rustling in the bushes. You spy your reflection in one of the swirling mystic pools. Out of the corner of your eye—Did that unicorn just wink at you? And you swear, these songbirds are following you.

Organ House invites you to step into the magic and join us at Girlgy: Enchanted Forest, the second installation of our women’s play party. Come dressed as your favorite woodland creature, be it real or mythical. 

Girlgy is a unique space for the women of Organ House to meet, connect, and play. Each Girlgy brings what you expect at an OH! party, plus demo stations, chill spaces, and a notable lack of the male gaze.

Inclusion policy

Girlgy is a party for self-identified women and non-binary femmes. We will welcome you regardless of relationship style, orientation, or prior experience.

Location & Date

Friday, July 20 2018
Oakland, CA


BYOB - We can’t sell or provide any alcohol, but we’ll have mixers and cups!


Women-only parties are rare, and we want you to be able to bring your friends! For this party only, we’re going to offer half price admission to your new referrals! Send them to

Consent Culture

All guests are expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture, which you can read about here!