Who can take the night time?
Sprinkle it with goo
Top it off with glitter
And make an orgyful or two
The Organ House
Oh, the Organ House can
Yes, the Organ House can ‘cause they fix you up with lube,
and make the world taste good
And the world tastes good ‘cause the Organ House thinks it should!
Do you want to sample all the flavors of sweets life has to offer? Have you been longing to explore some, ah, candy mountains? Or maybe, you’re just looking for a little extra sweetness in your life…
Then come join Organ House at Girlgy: Taste the Rainbow, the third installment of our women’s play party!
Girlgy is a unique space for the women of Organ House to meet, connect, and play. Each Girlgy brings what you expect at an OH! party, plus demo stations, chill spaces, and a notable lack of the male gaze. 

Inclusion policy

Girlgy is a party for self-identified women and non-binary femmes. We will welcome you regardless of relationship style, orientation, or prior experience! You can find more detailed info about our inclusion policy here:


Come dressed in your favorite candy, lucky charms, or rainbow-inspired outfit! Costumes never required, only encouraged, but we will welcome you just as you are.


We can’t sell or provide any alcohol, but we’ll have mixers and cups!


Just like for regular OH! parties, send new referrals to 

Consent culture

Everyone is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture: