the Organ House presents:



It’s time to show Organ House what you look like when you rip open your shirt!
  • And whether you’re as wet as Aquaman, as hard as Ironman or you just want to Flash, I think we’re all ready to be saved.
Tie me up in your golden whip and I’ll have to tell you the truth: OH! is having a superhero party!
So get your spandex on, drink that heart-shaped herb and come hear the immortal words of old Uncle Ben - “With great power comes great responsibility. And I’m glad these people aren’t banging in my living room anymore.”
No matter what, it’s gonna be a Marvel*
*Yes I already invited Stan Lee
(Because of the theme, only battery powered toys are allowed at this party. No wall-plug ins. Why? 'Cuz It's gotta be DC, people)

BYOB Power Potions

If your secret powers come from your 2nd Martini or Fireball, be sure to bring them along! We'll have cups and mixers, but BYOB.


Of course you want your plucky chum along! Send all new recruits to for their cape measurements.

Consent culture

Everyone is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.