Pirates OH! the Caribbean


Yo ho hoes! Do you dream of plundering the finest booty on the seven seas? Well, strike yer bloomers and prepare to be boarded, because Organ House is calling for all hands on dick for Pirates OH! the Caribbean: A Play Parrrty.
  • We’ve got no shortage of treasured chests and cannon balls, so climb aboard, seamen, cuz this ship is sailing at full mast.
Lash a misbehavin’ private to the mast an’ flog their hides! Splash about in the foamy bubbles of the Group Shower! Inhabit a pineapple under the sea! Search deep inside forbidden caves for hidden dubloons! Drink rum! Dive down to the depths of Davy Jones’s… locker!

BYO Rum!

The captain’s not a sharing sort, so you’ll need to bring your own grog! But we’ll have bartenders on hand with cups, labels, and lots of limes, to make sure none of you scalawags catch scurvy.


There’s room aboard for all yer mateys, long as we like the cut of their jib! Have all new recruits apply. You should know your referrals well, trust them in an intimate setting, and plan to attend their first event with them. No stowaways!

Consent culture

Whether you’re the captain or the swabbing boy, everyone is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.