College Party!


Welcome, returning students and faculty, to the Spring 2018 Semester at the University of California, Organ House! We hope that you’ve all enjoyed your holiday break and had a very responsible New Years—now it’s time to get back to your lessons! A few notes from the administration:
  • This quarter, we’re lifting the dress code. We trust that none of you will take advantage of this new freedom.
  • We are aware of the rumors surrounding some members of the faculty accepting favors for increased grades. We do not condone this. However, we will remind you that your Mommy and/or Daddy would be very cross were you to fail any classes, and you don’t want a spanking, do you?
  • The annual Beer Pong Championship will commence at 9pm. BYOB.
We look forward to seeing you all in January. Please remember that any rumors about a “Hellmouth” opening below the gym are just that—rumors.


BYO booze! We do not sell or provide alcohol. Sadly, no kegs.


If you have fresh meat that would like to attend with you, please have them request an invitation. UC OH! is referral only. You should know your referrals well, trust them in an intimate setting, and plan on attending with them.

Consent culture

This is not a frat party. Everyone is expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture.