Organ House Laboratories presents:

Weird Science!


Welcome, daring humans, to Organ House Laboratories. You’re here because we want the best, but we’re prepared to settle. And here you are. So, who’s ready to make some science?

Our volunteer scientists will be conducting bold new experiments on you, our test subjects. We'll sample your chemistry, chart your anatomy, and probe your boundaries. And we’ll get to claim that our scientists are trained.

What’s your limit for electrical play? Does consuming Miraculin alter the way your partner tastes? Using an EEG headset, can you control a vibrator with your mind? Do aphrodisiacs really heighten your sexual drive? How much science can @Zack Hembree put into a cocktail before it is no longer palatable? Come find out at Organ House Laboratories! Because Science isn’t about “why?” It’s about “why not!”

Don’t worry; some of the volunteers administering the tests are actually scientists. You can tell by the lab coats.

Cake will be available at the conclusion of the tests.

Location & Date

Saturday, September 30 2017
Oakland, CA


Our events are always BYOB, but this time we're also encouraging folks to bring some snacks to share! Not required, just yummy :)


If you have friends that would like to join this study, please have them request an invitation. They’ll be asked to fill out a short survey to see if they are a viable candidate for the experiments. You should know your lab partners well and trust them in an intimate setting.


All test subjects and experimenters are expected to exemplify our community’s consent culture, which you can read about here!