Ever wondered what a huge sex party is like? Wonder no more!

Our trusted friends at the Date/able Podcast were given exclusive access to record our May 2018 event. They followed Nikki, our lovely guest, as she experienced her first event of this kind, and interviewed a few of our members and organizers. “Peaches” gives a particularly colorful play-by-play of what to expect — and not expect! — at your first sex party. 😉

We’re really excited to have a way to give other folks a sneak-peak of how amazing our community is, what we do, and what we stand for. Enjoy!

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Our favorite quote:

“We spoke to a couple who said, ‘well, we’re going through something in our relationship, and we find that when we come to this sort of community, people are understanding of it and they can give us advice about what we’re going through.’

I thought that was really interesting because I think a lot of couples go through an evolution in their relationship where they’re kinda going outside of monogamy or non-traditional, and they don’t know who to talk to. And this is the perfect community to talk to those things about.

It’s funny because you wouldn’t think that this would be like a place that you can just chat and talk to people, but I think that was also something that we found — yeah, there were the people having sex, absolutely, but there  people that were just like, chilling near the cheese, and having conversations that felt more like a party. it wasn’t this all or nothing — it was tons of different middle ground.” — Julie from Date/Able

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