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Organ House is normalizing non-monogamy and sexual exploration. We pride ourselves on a strong culture of consent that is making headlines!
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OMG! We're on Buzzfeed!
Buzzfeed: “ ‘Adult’ Party Organizers Answer Questions You're Too Afraid To Ask”
“Women are just as horny as men. And if you provide a safe environment for them to feel like they won’t be slut shamed and they can express their sexuality freely, it turns out that… a lot of women that are interested in being in that environment."
Huffington Post: “I host huge sex parties. Here’s what I know about consent.”
“Consent is binary. You have enthusiastic consent or you do not have consent.”
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The Independent: “As a host of group sex parties, here’s how I explain sexual consent”
“The consent exercises we carry out ensure that everyone actually has some experience, however limited, of requesting consent. Unfortunately, this 20-second exercise is more than we teach most of our children about sexual consent.”
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Fusion: “This one sentence shows why consent is waaay more complicated than ‘yes means yes’ ”
“Yes, just like an Oreo needs both the cookie and the cream to be an Oreo, consent needs both the yes and the ability to say no to be consent.”
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Date/able podcast: “Married, with options.”
Two of our organizers, Ben & Kate, talk about being polyamorous while married to one another. They talk about the differences compared to open relationships, how they got started in polyamory, and their guidelines for dating other people while still together.
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