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The Organ Trail

Oregon House presents: The Organ Trail

There was twenty feet between them, when they stopped to make their play, and the swiftness of that Sheriff is still talked about today. The stranger’s belt ain’t cleared leather, when his taint got ripped, and the Sheriff’s aim was deadly, with that big iron on his hip. “Who was that?” someone asked, as they pulled the Stranger away. “Oh, that?” asked the bartender. “Just The Man with No Game.”

Past events

Woman on a Lyra


All three rings, the acrobats, the ringmaster. Come be our tumblers, our high-flyers, the lion tamer AND the lions. Crack the whip and make the audience go “OH!” Don’t just watch, put on a show that makes even the clowns stop and stare.
A dark forrest

Girlgy: Enchanted Forest

Organ House invites you to step into the magic and join us at Girlgy: Enchanted Forest, the second installation of our women’s play party. Come dressed as your favorite woodland creature, be it real or mythical.
An evil queen holds a juicy red apple

Poor unfortunate sOH!ls

Now that you’ve lived A Pirate’s Life, come Be Our Guest on June 16th as Organ House explores A Whole New World of delicately dancing around international trademark law with Poor Unfortunate SOH!ls!
Skull and crossbones made out of dildos

Pirates OH! the Caribbean

Yo ho hoes! Do you dream of plundering the finest booty on the seven seas? Well, strike yer bloomers and prepare to be boarded, because Organ House is calling for all hands on dick for Pirates OH! the Caribbean: A Play Parrrty.
A woman in a red dress leans against a railing in an old casino

CasinOH! Royale

Amid the martinis, evening gowns, and eCigar vapor (outside only, please!), you’ll run into games of chance, dealers dedicated to helping you flirt, and some rather ravishing spies…

Girlgy: Space Prom!

Somewhere in the outer cosmos, the stars begin to realign. A new constellation forms! As they move into place, the stars spell out a single word: PROM?


Whether you’re as wet as Aquaman, as hard as Ironman, or you just want to Flash, I think we’re all ready to be saved.
Princess peace tied up by chomp chains while Bowser stands ominously nearby

8-Bits of Grey

If you're like us, your sexual awakening happened not when a manipulative WASP showed off his Red Room of Pain, but when you realized that Peach was really on to something as she kept going back to Bowser's Castle. Yeah, that Chain Chomp stings so good.


How can tech normalize non-monogamy and sexual exploration? Calling all designers, marketers, salespeople, writers, growth hackers, strategists, electrical engineers, product designers, lawyers, even doctors. If you have a project idea that you’ve been waiting to work on, this is the day!
R2D2 and C3PO stand beside a christmas tree and roaring fire

Star Wars Holiday Special!

Why go to another boring holiday party when you can go to a SEXY STAR WARS HOLIDAY PARTY? Come be merry and bright, and get Leia’d.
Organ House Laboratories presents…

Weird Science

Our volunteer scientists will be conducting bold new experiments on you, our test subjects. We'll sample your chemistry, chart your anatomy, and probe your boundaries.
An embroidered patch that looks like a camp ground patch reads, "Organ House presents: This one time, at band camp."

This one time, at band camp

We all know that the merit badges for leatherworking and knot tying meant a little something different at Organ House...

Danger Zone

Stick on your mustache disguise and slide into the Danger Zone.
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