What to expect:

Over the next few pages, we’ll go over our consent culture, house rules, and your responsibilities as members of OH. We’ll also provide you with some links on safety and having fun at your first party!

About Organ House:

Organ House is an organization that throws monthly public and private events for the non-monogamous community and anyone curious about non-monogamy. You’re here because you’ve been invited to join this community! Our private events are play parties, which basically means:

It’s a sex party! 

You can do almost anything you want here, as long as:
  • You are doing it in a mutually consensual way (we’ll talk about this more in a second!)
  • It does not hurt the venue or the facilities. (Please don’t burn the place down!)
  • It is respectful of the space and boundaries of the people around you.

Organ House is not just a party. This is a lively, supportive community of wonderful people. 

We hope that you’ll find Organ House to be a little different than other sex parties. We welcome people of all relationship, gender and kink orientations. Our members have diverse preferences and backgrounds. Some people identify as polyamorous, some identify as swingers. Some folks are non-monogamous, and some are monogamous and just here for the party (because it’s really good!) People may have radically different ideas about gender and orientation than you do, and we welcome you to embrace that and learn from it. 

You do not have to participate.

A good party is a zero-expectation, high possibility opportunity. You are not guaranteed anything by attending (other then cheese; there’s always cheese), but so many things can happen. Our goal is to throw a great house party with good music and good people. Everything else is a bonus.

You are welcome to come, keep all your clothes on, and check it out! Don’t feel pressure to play.

We host these parties regularly. If you’re curious to try something, but feel uncertain, or you haven’t discussed that boundary with your partner(s) yet or you’re just not feeling it, there will be another opportunity to try it. Wait until you’re ready, and check out that cheese plate again. 
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